David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Competing bills target sex offenders

By: DEIRDRE NEWMAN - Staff Writer, The Californian

Neighborhood protests

Southwest Riverside County was a cauldron of discontent over convicted sex offenders after David Allyn Dokich was paroled to a residential neighborhood in Mead Valley in May, prompting months of protests from area residents concerned about him living there.

Dokich is currently at the California Institute for Men in Chino after violating his parole, said Todd Slosek, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections.

Based on Dokich's placement and other factors regarding his release, Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone has been one of the most ardent critics of the current system. He supports Jessica's Law, he said.

"Unfortunately, the only way to get substantial change in California is to go through the initiative process," Stone said.

All the legislators are touting their efforts as the most effective and protective. The Democratic legislators deny they are competing with Jessica's Law, but the timing of one of their bills has been characterized by some Republicans as political posturing.

"It's interesting to see Mr. Leno, when he realizes the public tide of frustration and anger at the state's inability to provide laws to protect youth from these sexual predators, all of a sudden he wants to be progressive and bring something to the floor of the Assembly," Stone said.

Leno, the chair of the Assembly Public Safety Committee, maintains that Republican legislators have made the reform of sex offender legislation a political issue. Only one Republican in the Assembly voted for his bill despite considerable backing around the state, he said.

"Our bill has universal law enforcement support," he said. "Police chiefs, police officers, the attorney general, the (state) district attorneys association, crime victims."

Many of these same associations also support Jessica's Law, Sharon Runner said.

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Don't be fooled when Mark Leno says "Our bill has universal law enforcement support,". Well of course it does. Any bill that gets tougher on criminals will have the support of law enforcement.

The question is, given a choice, would law enforcement choose Jessica's Law or Mark Leno's watered down version?

I think the choice is clear.

Ex-Riverside Police Officer gets 495 years

Adam James Brown sexually assaulted four boys. "I hate you," a victim wrote.

By LISA O'NEILL HILL and DOUGLAS QUAN / The Press-Enterprise

Former Riverside police Officer Adam James Brown was sentenced to 495 years to life on Friday for sexually assaulting four boys, as a victim and his mother lashed out, calling Brown an "animal" who put his sick needs first.

"I hate you, Adam Brown," one of Brown's victims wrote in a statement read in court by his older brother. "You stole my childhood and a bit of my life and innocence. You took my life away."

Brown, 33, did not apologize for his crimes and kept his back to the victim and the victim's family, who sat in the back two rows of the Riverside courtroom. Brown had known the boy and his family for years and began abusing the boy shortly after the boy's father's death.

"What nerve," the boy's mother said.

"We welcomed Adam into our home only to find that he deceived us," the mother said, a victim-witness advocate standing at her side. "He lied to us. He took advantage of us and our genuine Christ-like love for him and his family. He showed unwavering support for our family during (our) tragic loss ...all the while raping a 10-year-old boy who trusted him."

Last month, Brown pleaded no contest to 65 felonies for sexually assaulting the boys from 1998 - the year he became a police officer - through at least 2002. A no-contest plea is treated the same as a guilty plea. Prosecutors have said witness statements and explicit photographs from Brown's digital camera support the charges.

In a separate case, Brown was sentenced last year to 30 years in federal prison after pleading guilty for his role in a widespread Internet sex and child pornography ring based in Wisconsin. FBI agents arrested him in early 2004.

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He got 30 years for child porn? How can that be? Mark Leno says child porn is O.K..

Have fun in prison, scumbag.

Take the sex offender clown house challenge

One of the many problems with the current Megan's Law website is the fact that they will not let you sort by address. This is probably intentional and prevents you from easily finding homes in your area that house multiple registered sex offenders. We like to call these 'sex offender clown houses'.

Thanks to a group called Family Watchdog there is a way to find the clown houses near you.

First, click here.

You have several options on the search page, let's keep it simple, just enter your zip code and click the 'Show map' button.

Once the map starts to display, look for a tab above it that says 'List' and click it.

It will produce a list of all registered sex offenders in your zip code sorted by address. This makes it easy to spot homes with multiple registered sex offenders.

I tried it with 92570 and found 8 sex offender clown houses.

PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570

PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570

PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92571
PERRIS, CA 92570

PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570

PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570

PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570

PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92570

PERRIS, CA 92571
PERRIS, CA 92570
PERRIS, CA 92571
PERRIS, CA 92571
PERRIS, CA 92571
PERRIS, CA 92571
PERRIS, CA 92570

You may want to try it by entering your city and state instead of your zip code.

Odds are, when you have multiple sex offenders residing in the same home, they are on parole.

So, how many sex offender clown houses do you have?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Update: Nicholas Cocos

Nicholas CocosThere seems to be a lot of interest in this guy, I am not sure why. He may be a teachers assistant in LA Unified, but that is not confirmed. There are some different spellings of his name, including Nicholas and Nicolas.

Let's just call him Nick. He is one of the notorious 'Riverside 50' busted during the Dateline NBC / Perverted Justice / Riverside County Sheriff's Department sting operation.

Nick has plead not guilty to charges of attempted child molestation. He is out on bail and has a felony settlement conference scheduled for next month.

The people are represented by Michelle Paradise. You may remember Michelle as she was on the Dateline NBC show.

We will keep you posted as his case developes.

Update: Michael James Burks, DHS special agent

Michael James BurksMichael James Burks is one of the notorious 'Riverside 50' busted during the Dateline NBC / Perverted Justice / Riverside County Sheriff's Department sting operation.

You may remember him from the show, he was a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security.

Burks has plead not guilty to attempted child molestation and was supposed to have a felony settlement conference today. However, his attorney asked for, and was granted, a continuation.

We will keep you updated.

Update: Bonita High School teacher Walter Edward Babst

Walter Edward BabstMake that former Bonita High School teacher Walter Edward Babst.

Babst was busted during the Dateline NBC / Perverted Justice / Riverside County Sheriff's Department sting operation about Internet luring and child molestation.

Walter Babst has plead not guilty to attempted child molestation. Today was supposed to be his felony settlement conference. He was not required to appear and his attorney asked for, and was granted, a continuation.

We will keep you updated as this case progresses.

Roberto Forte pleads not guilty to attempted child molestation

Roberto ForteRoberto Forte, one of the notorious 'Riverside 50' busted during the Dateline NBC / Perverted Justice / Riverside County Sheriff's Department sting operation, plead not guilty to attempted child molestation this morning.

Roberto looked nothing like he did when he was arrested. He was wearing a suit and glasses and for a moment I thought he was an attorney.

He is currently out on bail.

Senator Denham's bill would require 20 years of tracking for child molesters

Senator Jeff Denham (R-Merced) introduced today Senate Bill 1313 requiring 20 years of electronic tracking for released sex offenders who were convicted of child molestation.

“A decade ago, California was thought to be the toughest state on sex offenders. Yet, we have learned a loophole exists in our law where many of the offenders refuse treatment and leave jail without any treatment,” said Denham. “Today, nearly 30,000 sex offenders are currently not accounted for in California. Due to the loophole in Megan’s Law, many sex offenders will be unmonitored, forcing undue burden and expense on local law enforcement to track down these individuals. This measure would help ensure from here on out that law enforcement would know the exact location of these predators at all times.”

Senate Bill 1313 specifically requires 20 years of electronic monitoring of anyone released from prison who is convicted of lewd or lascivious acts on a child under the age of twelve. The bill is modeled after Florida’s Jessica’s Law. Last year, Denham’s SB 722, which would have required lifetime tracking of these sex offenders who get released, was defeated in the Senate Public Safety Committee on a party-line vote.

Denham continued, “If I had my way, none of these sexual offenders would ever get released, but unfortunately they are let out, so they need to be watched under a magnifying glass. Many of these criminals return to society repeating their prior crimes by trying to lure innocent children into performing these lewd acts. With today’s access to the internet, it makes our children even more accessible to these predators. As a parent, I know that nothing is more important than the safety of our children.”

Jessica’s Law was named after a 9-year-old Florida girl, Jessica Lunsford, who was found dead last year after convicted sex offender John Evander Couey led authorities to her body. Police say Couey has admitted to sexually assaulting and burying Lunsford alive. Couey had recently moved and had not alerted police as to his new residence as part of that state’s requirement under Megan’s Law.


Last month another bill by Senator Denham, SB 722 (lifetime tracking of child molesters) was killed in the Senate Public Safety Committee.

Senators Charles Poochigian (R-Fresno) and Bob Margett (R-Arcadia) voted aye, while Senators Carole Migden (D-San Francisco), Elaine Alquist (D-Santa Clara), Gilbert Cedillo (D-Los Angeles), and Gloria Romero (D-Los Angeles) voted no.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Daniel Allen pleads guilty

Daniel AllenDaniel Allen, one of the notorious 'Riverside 50' busted during the Dateline NBC / Perverted Justice / Riverside County Sheriff's Department sting operation, plead guilty to an attempted lewd act with a child under 14 this morning.

Mr. Allen will have a sentencing hearing in about a month. He remains in custody at the Riverside County Jail.

BTW, if anyone see's this reported in any of the main stream media, please let me know.

The apathy shown by them is amazing.

Spitzer Rebuffs Nunez’s Response To Sexually Violent Predator Problem

Member of Assembly Public Safety Committee criticizes Speaker’s sex offender proposal

(Sacramento)- Assemblymember Todd Spitzer (R-Orange) today responded to Speaker Fabian Nunez proposing stronger sex offender legislation:

“The Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) issue is nothing new in this state, although Nunez’s apparent surprise seems to indicate he’s paid little attention to the matter.

The Assembly Public Safety Committee heard testimony last year regarding this very issue. In January 2005, during a hearing entitled ‘Sex Offender Treatment in the Community,’ San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts addressed the committee regarding Douglass Badger, an SVP scheduled to be released from Atascadero. Mr. Badger was convicted of molesting teenage boys between the ages of 18-25. The Department of Mental Health wanted to place him across the street from San Diego State University, his prime target area. Given this egregious threat to public safety, my legislative colleagues and I authored legislation in response to this issue.

With election season upon us, it appears crucial that Speaker Nunez address the public forum and pledge himself to protecting our children from sexual predators. Oddly, he failed to mention that for nearly two years he has killed substantive legislation that would have strengthened laws against sex offenders. Many of us in the Legislature, even those of his own party, have witnessed our bills on the subject butchered and killed by Nunez’s pro-criminal Public Safety Committee.

Last year, I authored AB 603. Originally, this bill expanded the term of civil commitment from two years to five years, exactly what Nunez is proposing. When it became clear that this bill would die in committee, I amended it to prevent periods of civil commitment from counting toward an SVP’s parole supervision period. Under current law, a parolee’s civil commitment process and parole time run concurrently. As such, SVP’s who are referred to the Department of Mental Health for civil commitment may already have completed their parole term by the time they are released from supervision and control.

Not surprisingly, Speaker Nunez sent out his decree to his soft-on-crime liberals, who constitute a majority of the Assembly Public Safety Committee, assuring this bill was dead on arrival, even after committee hearings and public testimony about the dangers of the current treatment for SVPs. In fact, this was one of many bills that met the same fate.

Others included:
  • SB 864 (Poochigian) to extend the period of commitment for SVPs from two to four years;
  • AB 231 (Runner), also known as Jessica’s Law, which would have made several substantive changes to current laws related to SVP treatment;
  • AB 438 (Parra) that would have allowed a lessor of residential real estate property to evict high risk sex offenders;
  • AB 1484 (Wyland), identical to a bill I authored, AB 730, which also died, that would have expanded the definition of an SVP to include a person who commits a single sexually violent offense against a minor under the age of 14 with one qualifying offense instead of the two currently required.

Where was Nunez’s outrage when all of these bills were defeated in the Assembly Public Safety Committee?”


Go get'em Todd!

The media and, hopefully, the public at large is finally paying attention.

Spitzer's AB 2049 strengthens California’s child porn laws

(Sacramento)- Assemblymember Todd Spitzer (R-Orange) introduced today AB 2049, designed to strengthen California’s child pornography laws. This piece of legislation will allow prosecutors to charge a person with a felony if they have also been previously convicted of distribution or possession of child pornography in any state, federal or military court.

California law defines possession or distribution of child pornography as a simple misdemeanor. Currently, a person with a prior conviction for possession or distribution of child pornography can only be convicted of a felony if the prior conviction occurred in California.

“This egregious loophole in state law has allowed repeat violent sex offenders, who move to or are caught with child pornography in California, to be sentenced as ‘first time’ offenders. This means that these predators will not spend even one day in prison. A study by the Federal Bureau of Prisons showed that 76 percent of offenders convicted of possessing or distributing child pornography admitted to having prior sexual contact with a minor. Sex offenders are some of the most dangerous criminals in California. It is absolutely unacceptable that the hands of our judges and prosecutors are tied when attempting to put these individuals where they belong—behind bars for an extensive period of time,” commented Spitzer.

This bill stems from a 2004 legal case in which Steven Michael Kelly, a truck driver from Nevada who had previously served five years in Arizona state prison for attempted child molestation, was arrested when he attempted to develop pictures containing images of child pornography. A search of his laptop revealed over 600 images and more than 100 videos of child pornography, including one of Kelly molesting a 9-year-old victim at an Anaheim hotel. However, state law precluded charging Mr. Kelly with felony child pornography possession simply because his prior conviction was in another state.

“Anyone who possesses child pornography is showing us what is on his mind, his sick fantasies. I have seen many times over on how perpetrators use child pornography to seduce and lure children and fuel their perversion. Anyone who has a child pornography conviction is on notice that what he is doing is a crime and victimizes children. It is time that the legislature recognizes the seriousness of the crime and removes this absurd loophole to protect children,” said Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

“The case of Steven Michael Kelly provides evidence of the inextricable link between child pornography possession and child molestation. We must protect children from these predators, but this loophole could allow countless repeat offenders back on the streets on a simple technicality. Child pornography is a dangerous crime that irreparably damages the children who are exploited by these perverse and dangerous individuals. California can no longer afford to turn these predators back on the streets with a simple slap on the wrist. AB 2049 will ensure that the punishment fits the severity of this crime,” concluded Spitzer.


Hey Todd, aren't you afraid you are going to make Mr. lots - of - child - porn - is - ok - for - personal -use Leno mad at you?

Parole agents react to the 'Sex Offender Shuffle'

There is some bickering going on amongst the rank and file regarding the 'Sex Offender Shuffle' story by David Goldstein.


High Risk Sexual Offenders and the Region III shell game

Capitol targets sex offenders

Research shows that other states have strict guidelines to monitor and treat violent predators.

By Sam Stanton -- Bee Staff Writer

Sexually violent predators in Texas are supervised constantly, followed with satellite tracking devices, given lie-detector tests and required to undergo intensive treatment.

In Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington, research by the California State Library also has found, more than 90 percent of the sexually violent predators complete therapy programs designed to treat their disorders.

But in California, only four of about 500 sexually violent predators have completed treatment in the past decade inside the Atascadero State Hospital, yet 54 nonetheless found ways to win release, and with only minimal supervision.

Such flaws in California's program were under full scrutiny Wednesday at the state Capitol, where Democrats and Republicans scrambled to introduce bills to make immediate changes in the system - and questions lingered about whether they could reach bipartisan consensus.

"It's ironic in a way, because we were in the vanguard in terms of passing this law (in 1995)," said state Sen. Charles Poochigian, R-Fresno.

"And we were passed up and left in a trail of dust by other (states) that are doing a much better job."

Poochigian said Wednesday that he had amended an existing bill to address problems exposed in a three-part investigative series published in The Bee this week, and he and other Republicans asked Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez to help press for immediate passage of the bill.

"It shouldn't have taken a front-page exposé in an election year" to draw Democrats' support of such measures, Poochigian said.

Click here to read the complete story

Lawmakers Respond to Sexual Predator Tracking Stories

State Republican leaders were pointing fingers Wednesday, charging Democrats with being soft on crime. The criticism follows a newspaper series detailing how several dozen sexually violent offenders have been released into communities with little or no treatment or supervision.

Republican lawmakers have introduced a number of bills to crack down on the conditions of release for such felons, but many times the measures don't survive the Democrat-controlled Assembly Public Safety Committee.

"If you want to attend a Public Safety Committee in the state Assembly, wear black because it's funeral for bills that are tough on crime and tough on sexually violent predators," said Assemblyman Jay La Seur, R-La Mesa.

The Democratic leadership said they were surprised to learn California's sexually violent predator law was not working as intended.

Click here to read the complete story

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pico Rivera reacts to 'Sex Offender Shuffle'

David Goldstein was at a community meeting in Pico Rivera tonight. Pico Rivera was one of the communities were the 'Sex Offender Shuffle' was taking place.

Assemblyman Rudy Bermudez, D-Norwalk, a former parole agent claims that because high-risk sex offenders can't live within a half-mile of an elementary school, they have difficulty finding housing.

Rudy wants us to believe that the motel industry only builds within a half-mile of schools. I'm not buying it Rudy.

Pico Rivera Mayor David Armenta said "our community is not a dumping ground for sex offenders".

Welcome to the party Pico Rivera.

Click here to watch the video

Bogh's assembly bill 1841 reforms sex offenders parole process

Assembly Republican Caucus Chair Russ Bogh (R-Beaumont) has authored legislation which will help reform the parole process in order to keep sexually violent offenders in custody.

Under current law, sex offenders must first be referred to the State Department of Mental Health for evaluation by two independent evaluators. A petition to keep a violent sex offender in prison shall only be filed only if both independent evaluators determine he should not be paroled.

Assembly Bill 1841 will require the filing of the petition if one of the two independent evaluators determines the offender should be paroled.

“AB 1841 provides District Attorneys with a valuable tool in the fight to keep sexual predators behind bars,” stated Bogh. “Current law gives the benefit of the doubt to sexual offenders. AB 1841 will allow District Attorneys to err on the side of the public’s safety and give them the tools necessary to fully and completely review whether or not parole should be granted.”

Bogh has been working on this issue with the Riverside County District Attorney’s office since last year when David Allyn Dokich was paroled to Riverside County. Dokich had twice been convicted of rape and his evaluators disagreed on his parole. On January 4th, Dokich violated terms of his parole and is now back in custody.

“Assemblyman Bogh’s legislation will help us to keep dangerous sex offenders like David Dokich behind bars and out of our neighborhoods,” stated Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Rod Pacheco. Pacheco prosecuted Dokich for the 1987 kidnapping and rape of a 16 year old girl.

Assemblyman Bogh represents the 65th Assembly District, which includes portions of Riverside and San Bernardino counties.


Your fearless blogger here. It's time to put up or shut up Mr. I'm gonna crack down on these sex offenders Nunez.

Let's see if AB 1841 even makes it out of the Public Safety Committee when it's controlled by Fabian Nunez, Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervyn Dymally.

Shocking news: Son of David Allyn Dokich arrested for....

Ryan Dokich raising funds for MDAraising funds for MDA.

Ryan Dokich has raised over $2,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

You see, sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree.

Way to go Ryan!

If this weren't so serious, it would be funny

In a moment I will give you a link to a new CBS 2 news video to watch.

It show lawmakers such as Fabian Nunez responding to David Goldsteins "Sex Offender Shuffle" story.

Fabian and his pals really look upset but you have to wonder why?

Why now?

After years of the far left killing bills meant to protect children from sex offenders, now they are acting like they care.

You have to ask yourself, as a citizen of California and as a voter, do they really care about protecting children from predators, or is this simply an opportunity to take a crack a governor they do not like?

Consider their voting records then make up you own mind.

BTW, I am not saying the governor does not deserve any blame for what is going on, he appointed Rod Hickman and Hickman is at the top of the totem pole in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations.

Click here to watch the video.

Núñez: Get tougher on sex offenders

By Sam Stanton and Mareva Brown -- Bee Staff Writers

Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez called Tuesday for a radical overhaul of how the state handles its highest-risk sex offenders, proposing that they be forced to undergo therapy before they can win release.

The Assembly leader's statements came in response to a three-day investigative series in The Bee outlining flaws in California's sexually violent predator program, including the fact that most of the men sent to the program after prison had not done their prescribed mental health treatment before being allowed back into society.

"It's amazing to see that you've got people like this that are violent sex offenders and are out on the street without treatment," said Núñez, D-Los Angeles.

Republican legislators immediately attacked Núñez's comments as hypocritical, blaming him for blocking their similar - and, they said, tougher - proposals during the past two years.

"I'm glad the speaker's found religion," said Assemblyman Todd Spitzer, R-Orange, who accused Núñez of personally killing his own efforts to increase the public information available on the Web about sex offenders.

Members of both political parties agreed, however, that the failures The Bee exposed in the sexually violent predator program made it clear changes are needed. The Governor's Office reiterated in an afternoon conference call with reporters that it will remain steadfast in its commitment to toughening the state's sex offender laws.

"It's sad that it took this exposé to evoke the reaction we're now seeing," state Sen. Charles Poochigian, R-Fresno, said in an interview. "Hopefully, they'll do the right thing."

Click here to read the complete article.

Your fearless blogger here. The Jessica's Law campaign gets enough signatures to be placed on the ballot and suddenly Fabian Nunez wants to get tough on sex offenders?

Me thinks something smells in Sacramento.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Over 550,000 signatures collected to place Jessica's Law on the ballot!

375,000 valid signatures are required to get it placed on the November ballot.

The goal was to get 525,000 signatures because some will not be valid.

Thanks to everyone who dedicated their time and efforts to this worthy endeavor.

I know it was not easy but that is what we, the people, must do when elected officials such as Fabian Nunez, Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervyn Dymally fail us.

Now don't think this is over. Getting it on the ballot was just the first step. Getting it passed is another and the opposition will do all they can to stop it.

Don't think so?

Click here to watch this new CBS 2 news video of Mark Leno, chairman of the Public Safety Committee, already starting the Anti-Jessica's Law campaign from the far left.

Listen up you primitive screwheads

The age of consent in California is 18.

So even if someone under 18 years old waves a fistful of cash in your face and begs you to have sex with them, you have to say no!

Got it?

Under 18 is off limits!

There are 6 billion people on this planet, go find someone old enough to have sex with. And if that fails, go rub your pathetic little pecker in a knothole, just keep your hands off the kids.

Speaker vows reform of sex offender program

By Sam Stanton -- Bee Staff Writer

Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez says he wants to introduce tough new sex offender legislation to plug gaps in a program California uses to treat its highest risk offenders.

Núñez made his comments in response to a three-part investigative series in The Bee that concluded today and found most of the sex offenders placed in the program are released after undergoing little or no therapy.

"It's amazing to see that you've got people like this that are violent sex offenders and are out on the street without treatment," Núñez said.

Click here to read the complete article.

Your fearless blogger here. Perhaps Mr. Nunez would not be so 'amazed' about the sex offender issue if he did not stack the Public Safety Committee with soft on crime pervert loving politicians such as Mark Leno, Jackie Goldberg and Mervyn Dymally.

Jessica's Law is on the horizon and now Mark Leno and Fabian Nunez are trying to appear tough on sex offenders.

Well it's far too little and far, far too late.

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations reacts to "Sex Offender Shuffle" story

Corrections officials are reacting to the excellent David Goldstein story about parole skirting the law and placing sex offenders where they are not allowed, near children.

Are corrections officials concerned about possibly violating the law? It does not appear so.

They are more concerned about keeping the story from spreading, fearing reporters in other areas will start digging into what is going on in their local communities.

Click here to watch the video

CBS 2 News - Violent Sexual Predators take advantage of loophole

CBS 2 News did a story on the recent Sac Bee article about Sexual Predators evading treatment.

Click here to watch the video.

Sac Bee Special report: A test case

Freedom is the goal for sexually violent predators such as James Lamb, but it's difficult to measure their risk of re-offending

By Mareva Brown and Sam Stanton

Inside the oatmeal-colored walls of Atascadero State Hospital, it is easy to tell the psychiatric patients from the sexually violent predators.

The sex offenders seem sane.

They can make eye contact, argue a reasoned point, cite legal precedents and, in twice-weekly group therapy sessions, those who participate can explain why their crimes were wrong and openly empathize with their victims.

UCDavis Health
Offender James Vincent Lamb's likely release later this year will put the state's program for treating sexually violent predators to its ultimate test. Lamb says he will be one of the successes, in part because he has done all that was asked of him at the maximum-security mental hospital - and more.

"I'm not part of a statistic, I'm in a program that is rare and intensive," said Lamb, 46, who was convicted of molesting five boys but has admitted to more than 80 victims. "The people here are teaching us what we need to look at, to change and to believe in it."

But evidence abounds that sexual obsessions may persist for some of the hundreds of men housed at Atascadero, who fill about half of the hospital's beds: Newspaper ads depicting children are routinely snipped out and hidden away, patients here say. In the exercise yard, patients tell of pedophiles preying on the youngest of the mentally disordered offenders, coercing them into having sex.

At shift change, as female staffers move through the halls to and from work, a small cadre of men emerge from their dorm rooms to watch and follow them through the wide, crowded hallways where patients and staff intermingle.

"There's guys who stalk these hallways," said Tony Iannalfo, a rapist from Los Angeles County who has been at Atascadero for eight years. "It's unbelievable. You can see them out there the same time every day, the same place."

Click here to read the complete article

Opinion Editorial: Groundhog Day

By Assemblyman Ray Haynes

Remember the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day? One of my favorite scenes is set in the bowling alley, with Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, talking to a drunk:

Phil: What would you do if you were stuck in one place, and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered.

Drunk: That sums it up for me.

Think about it. Isn’t that California, particularly its Legislature? The Democrats have been in charge of the Legislature for all but 4 years since 1958, and it seems like California is just like Phil Connor. I just hope that I am not the drunk, because Phil’s comment pretty much sums up the California Legislature for me.

This last week, I was in the Assembly, just like I was in January, 1994. In 1994, I was tangentially involved in trying to qualify the three strikes law, the law that would put repeat serious or violent felons in prison for the rest of their life if they committed one more felony of any type. If you remember, in 1993, when the initiative for three strikes started, California’s crime rate had been soaring for years, while every attempt to pass “tough on crime” laws died in the Assembly Public Safety Committee. In those days, three left-wing bay area Democrat liberals killed every single law intended to protect the people of the state of California from the worst in our state. Attempts to increase prison sentences died time after time after time, while the majority party continued to insist that they were not soft on crime.

Then Polly Klaas was killed, and something snapped in the people of the state of California. They had had enough, and they passed the three strikes law by initiative, while the lefties continued to insist that enforcement would be too expensive, prisons would become overcrowded, and the law would have no effect on the crime rate.

In the two years following the passage of Three Strikes, however, the crime rate dropped, and prison population did not grow. Violent felons in this state were looking for ways to get out of California so they wouldn’t spend the rest of their life in jail. When the crime rate dropped, Californians forgot just how bad crime had been before three strikes.

Zoom forward to today. Jessica’s law is a law intended to punish the worst of this state’s child molesters by putting them in jail for the rest of their lives. Now, just like Phil Connors in Groundhog Day, California is stuck in the 1990’s rhetoric of the left. Jessica’s law won’t work: it is too expensive; it won’t stop child molesters; it won’t treat them; and it will invade their civil liberties. Just like three strikes, the lefties tried to pass a watered down version of Jessica’s law to avoid the label of being soft on crime.

They are wrong again, and the people of this state know it. A lifetime tracking method for child molesters is necessary to protect our children. Keeping them away from our schools is necessary. Putting them in jail from 25 years to life is necessary. Punishing those who possess even one piece of child pornography to stop the sexual exploitation of our children is necessary. Jessica’s law, like three strikes, was killed in the Assembly Public Safety Committee, and, like three strikes, it will have to go before the voters to become law.

It is Groundhog Day, and it seems that nothing that the people do matters. When will we ever learn? We can’t do everything by initiative, but as long as people keep electing these lefties, our children and our communities will be at risk, over and over and over again.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Sac Bee Special report: On the outside

Efforts to monitor freed violent sex offenders are spotty - except for the few who complete the state's treatment program

By Mareva Brown and Sam Stanton

James Clenzo Burris Jr. began raping when he was as young as 10 or 11 and graduated from elementary-age girls to adult women, one of whom he menaced with a screwdriver before assaulting her. Jurors in Riverside County let him go two years ago after Burris said he had found God and would not rape again.

Cesar Arroyo's ex-wife testified that he routinely beat her before having sex with her when she visited him in prison, where he was serving time for his third brutal rape. Two psychiatrists diagnosed him as a sexual sadist and said he was very likely to re-offend. Arroyo was set free anyway.

And Carey Lyn Wilson (no longer in California), a beefy pedophile sporting prison tattoos, nearly killed a 13-year-old boy he had abducted, bound and assaulted because, Wilson said, "After I sodomized him, it was, damn, what are you going to do now? Dead people don't talk."

These are snapshots of the crimes of some of the 58 men who have been released in the past decade from California's treatment program for sexually violent predators.

By definition, they are the most dangerous rapists and pedophiles the state has arrested. Yet efforts to monitor them on the streets after release are spotty at best, depending in part on whether offenders choose to notify law enforcement agencies of their whereabouts.

California officials, who have no funding or authority to track the sexually violent predators who have been freed, have no idea where some of them have gone.

Click here to read the complete article

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sac Bee Special Report: Sex Predators evading treatment

Many violent molesters and rapists sent to a state mental facility are being freed with few restrictions after refusing therapy

By Mareva Brown and Sam Stanton

A decade ago, as California was gripped with outrage over the release of a notorious rapist from prison, the state took bold action.

Legislators vowed to keep the highest-risk sex offenders locked up for years after completing their prison sentences. They were to be sent to a maximum-security psychiatric facility - Atascadero State Hospital - for a strict, five-stage treatment program.

California's solution was considered among the nation's toughest.

But the program has a fatal flaw, a six-month investigation by The Bee has found, because there is a much easier way out of Atascadero, one chosen by the vast majority of sexually violent predators housed there: Refuse treatment and bank on winning release through the court hearing each offender receives every two years.

That loophole makes California's get-tough solution in practice one of the most lenient sexually violent predator laws in the nation.

It is precisely how 54 rapists and child molesters won release through the end of 2005 from their Atascadero commitments, according to a review of court records and interviews with dozens of prosecutors, law enforcement officers and sexually violent predators in California, Oregon, Arizona, Missouri and Colorado. Only four men have completed the five-step program, and one of those was returned to custody less than two months after his release.

To be declared a sexually violent predator and sent to Atascadero, offenders must have at least two sex-crime convictions, and prosecutors must convince a court that they are likely to re-offend if released directly from prison.

But there is no guarantee that the offenders will remain in Atascadero.

Click here to read the entire article

Released High Risk Sex Offenders living in the area

One of the problems with the current Megan's Law website is that of the thousands of registered sex offenders it lists, it does not identify which are considered "High Risk".

The Sac-Bee has identified 28 High Risk Sex Offenders released back into the community. Below are the ones in the local area. You can click their names to see their Megan's Law information.

Riverside County:

Richard Darwin Flick

Darrell Edward Golem

San Bernardino County:

James Clenzo Burris

San Diego County:

Jimmy Carty

John Wilson Kreischer

Trell James Mercer

James William Turner


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