David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sex Offender Group Homes Effects on Surrounding Neighbors / Communities

by Joe from Phelan

These parole'e homes that house sex offenders as well as the one's the state via Dept. of Developmental Services and the Dept. of Mental Health are causing such an uproar. Besides the danger of a sexual predator to the surrounding community and neighbors (rapist or child molester) it tears down the overall value of the immediate area. Let's look at it from a real estate point of view.

When a home is sold, real estate has certain disclosures to make. One of them is in relation to sexual predators. The majority of real estate people do not and I repeat do not actually tell the prospective homeowner about sexual predators or persons who are required to register as sexual offenders under the Megan's Law even if they know one exists right next door to the house they are selling. The way they get around it is to suggest in the disclosures that the prospective purchaser to go to the local police station and view the Megan's Law listing. Is it unethical - yes, however, it completely removes the agent from liability. My suggestion to prospective buyers is to do the Megan's Law review.

Next we look at the property value. If a home is valued at $400,000 and a known sex offender moves in, the desirability would be drastically effected thus reducing the value as well as the number of potential buyers. Now let's take multiple sex offenders and move them into a home say 280 W. 48th St. San Bernardino(this is an actual group / parolee home). What do you think the value or marketability would be with 6 known sex child molesters. You got it. Who in their right mind would purchase any home within say of 1/2 mile of that house especially if you have children?

So now you have an entire neighborhood devalued considerably all for the sake of 6 parolee's. A home is most likely the largest investment any of us can make and the profit in the later years will be used for retirement or equity for kids college, etc. These landlords or group home operators DO NOT LIVE ON PROPERTY. They buy the home and allow some other person to manage it. Don't give me the bullshit that these landlords do it out of the goodness of their heart. They make damn good money and do nothing more than desecrate the surrounding home values.

How much was Harriet Cooks paid to house David Allyn Dokich? Public funds / Taxpayer monies were used to pay for his placement, how come we haven't been told what Harriet was paid. We the public / taxpayers have a right to know how our monies are being spent in the public sector! How about one of you parole officers telling us the truth for once - how much did it cost to house David Allyn Dokich at Last Chance Enlightenment - I bet you ain't got the balls to tell the truth! Surprise us!

We know these persons have to go somewhere but tearing apart communities and destroying the value of entire neighborhoods is not acceptable. The trickle down effect to the surrounding communities is far more devastating than to keep these persons in prison or at least require them to complete the sex offender treatment program at Atascadero and be evaluated regularly to see if they are fit to be released.

Upon release, these sexual offenders should be steered to commercial area's. Commercial area's will most likely not have any persons under the age of 18, will not be near schools, will suffer little or no effect on real estate value (most commercial area's are leased or rented facilities), provide numerous employment opportunities, and proximity of employment could negate the need for the offender to require a vehicle, thus eliminating another avenue for an offender to get to and victimize another child.

We need to go after the money side of it. If a persons home is effected by one of these facilities we must look at the bigger picture. If something effects the sale of, marketability, or value of a particular home or area, we have the right to have the surrounding home / homes re-assessed to reflect the actual value. Two things happen:

1. It removes huge money from the counties tax base (big kick in the teeth)

2. If a homeowner has to put up with this insanity he or she would be compensated by dramatically lower property taxes.

Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Time for us to band together and get the show on the road. Several key persons from the effected area's will be meeting to discuss strategies for the this. Watch for updates coming soon !

Friday, February 24, 2006

Sex offender on parole attacks two women near Riverside

Shawn Alan Chaney - RapistTwo women were attacked during two separate incidents today according to police.

At around 12:30 pm, a woman told Moreno Valley PD officers that she fought off an attack near Alessandro and Perris boulevards. She says the attacker held a box cutter to her throat and told her to take off her clothes. This brave woman fought back and the pervert fled in a truck.

Just before 1 pm, another woman told police that she fought off an attack near the Riverside Community College campus. She says the attacker approached her as she waited at a bus stop. This brave woman also put up a fight and the pervert again fled in a truck.

Soon after that a Riverside County Sheriff's Department helicopter spotted a truck matching the description of the perverts on Perris boulevard in Moreno Valley.

In the truck they found a box cutter and one Shawn Alan Chaney of Moreno Valley. Shawn Chaney is on parole for a previous conviction of raping a drugged victim.

Chaney is being held at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside on charges of PC 209(a) - kidnapping. This can carry a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Let's hope this pervert is removed from society for good this time.

Cities target parolee homes

TEMPORARY BANS: Several Inland councils buy time to investigate their regulatory options.

12:01 AM PST on Friday, February 24, 2006

By NAOMI KRESGE and DARRELL R. SANTSCHI / The Press-Enterprise

Early in 2002, two Fontana police officers sat down to solve a problem: unscrupulous landlords cramming unsupervised parolees together in boarding houses.

The officers gave the boarding houses a name, parolee homes, and got the Fontana City Council to pass an ordinance to require the homes to get city permits.

None of the boarding houses made it through the permit process. No other parolee homes have been established in the city, and for three years, Fontana remained the only city in California to recognize and regulate parolee homes.

Today, though, other Inland cities are rushing to join Fontana. Since August, Yucaipa, Highland, Redlands, Loma Linda and Norco have passed urgency ordinances -- bypassing the usual six-week waiting period for new laws -- to put temporary bans on homes that charge a fee to house state-prison parolees.

Yucaipa followed up with an ordinance modeled on the one in Fontana, requiring a city permit to operate a parolee home.

Meanwhile, two other cities, Murrieta and Pomona, passed ordinances aimed at other kinds of group homes that could house parolees. Murrieta's urgency ordinance, approved in August, temporarily banned all group homes. Pomona's two ordinances require permits to operate a boarding house or a home that houses multiple sex offenders.

A Cottage Industry

The Fontana rules, passed in November 2002, defined the term "parolee home" as an organization that accepts payment in exchange for housing two to six unrelated parolees, and it required such homes to get a city permit.

Holderness and Councilman Frank Scialdone, who then was the city's police chief, said they wanted to crack down on boarding houses that were cramming parolees together in tight, sometimes sub-par quarters with little oversight.

"We were seeing a cottage industry spring up," Holderness said. "In one case, we had nine parolees in a bunk room, triple-high, in an illegal patio conversion in a house."

Click here to read the complete story.


This is a really good article, give it a read.

Oprah helps nab fugitive sex offender

In October of 2005 Oprah Winfrey had a show about sex offenders wanted by authorities. One of them was William George Barney.

William Barney was convicted in Las Vegas in 2000 on 10 counts of lewdness with a minor. He was accused of committing sex acts with a boy from 1994 through 2000, beginning when the boy was just 12 years old.

A federal arrest warrant was issued for Barney after he fled in 2000.

After Oprah's show, tips starting coming in and FBI officials determined Barney had fled to Mexico. They worked with authorities there who located Barney in Ensenada and returned him to US custody.

Good job Oprah!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Laguna Beach Police / Perverted Justice Sting Photos

The following were arrested and charged with attempted child molestation. This was the result of a sting operation in Laguna Beach. This was the largest sting of its kind in Orange County.

What's it gonna take to get the perverts to leave the kids alone?

  • Robert Carlos Alarcia - 29 - Los Angeles - Pharmaceutical technician
  • Deep Arora - 19 - Placentia - Unemployed
  • Shih-Hung Chuang - 31 - Hacienda Heights - Importer
  • Stephen Robert Deck - 51 - Carlsbad - California Highway Patrol
  • Nery Roberto Folgar - 29 - Altadena - Salesman
  • Ryan Arnell Mount - 29 - North Hollywood - Unemployed
  • Benjamin Paul McAlister - 21 - Loomis - Student
  • David Phuong Pham - 30 - Los Angeles - Unemployed
  • Jonathan Augustine Reese - 40 - Westchester - Starbucks supervisor
  • Norindra Say - 33 Tustin - Engineer
  • Benjamin Alan Taul - 27 - Placentia - Bartender
  • Jimmy Miguel Varela - 32 - Norwalk - Unemployed
  • John Inkyoo Yi - 43 - Anaheim - Laborer

Robert Carlos Alarcia
Deep Arora
Shih-Hung Chuang
Stephen Deck
Nery Roberto Folgar
Benjamin Paul McAlister
Ryan Arnell Mount
David Phuong Pham
Jonathan Augustine Reese
Norindra Say
Benjamin Alan Taul
Jimmy Miguel Varela
John Inkyoo Yi

'I was in fear,' says ex-runaway at trial

TEEN'S DEATH: The witness explains why she did not try to escape from two Rialto residents.

09:56 AM PST on Thursday, February 23, 2006

By SANDRA STOKLEY / The Press-Enterprise

RIVERSIDE - A former Riverside-area runaway testified this week that two Rialto residents accused of killing a Las Vegas teenager used drugs, fear and mind-control techniques to keep her against her will and force her to participate in sexual activities with them.

"I did not fight it because I was in fear," the 20-year-old woman, who was visibly distressed, said, describing how she lay compliant on a motel bed while a much-older Michael Thornton had sex with her.

The woman, 15 years old at the time, said fear kept her from attempting an escape during the six to seven weeks she spent with Thornton and his girlfriend, Janeen Snyder, in late 2000.

"Turning against your partners was not tolerated," she said. "I could guess the consequences."

The Press-Enterprise does not identify victims of sexual assault.

Thornton, 50, and Snyder, 26, are accused in the rape/torture murder of 16-year-old Michelle Curran, who disappeared April 4, 2001, while on her way to school.

Her bruised, nude body was discovered April 22 crammed in a compartment of a horse trailer in Rubidoux. She had been shot once in the head.

The couple had been arrested April 17 in connection with a burglary on the same property.

Special circumstances of kidnapping, rape, torture and of committing the murder during a burglary make them eligible for the death penalty.

Click here to read the complete article.

Two plead guilty in man-boy sex case

FBI sting led to several arrests
By Onell R. Soto

February 23, 2006

Two members of a group advocating sexual relationships between men and boys pleaded guilty in San Diego federal court yesterday to sex-tourism charges.

Phillip Todd Calvin, 44, a Dallas dentist, and Paul Ernest Zipszer, 40, a personal trainer from Deltona, Fla., were arrested in San Diego a year ago in a sting initiated by an FBI agent who infiltrated the North American Man/Boy Love Association, also known as NAMBLA.

As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors asked a federal judge to sentence the men to no more than two years in prison followed by 12 years of supervised release, a condition similar to parole.

A third man arrested in the case, David Cory Mayer, 50, a Chicago flight attendant and psychologist, remains in custody without bail. A judge has not set a trial date.

Mayer's lawyer is arguing before U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller that NAMBLA is a political organization protected by constitutional freedoms of speech and association, and that federal agents illegally infiltrated it to “instigate” crimes.

Lawyer Benjamin Coleman also is arguing that the undercover San Diego FBI agent who joined NAMBLA and attended two conventions had no probable cause to suspect criminal activity and shouldn't have been allowed to join.

Prosecutor Anne Perry said the agent acted appropriately.

Click here to read the complete story.


I think I'm gonna spew.

Update: Perverted Justice / Laguna PD sting operation

Perverted Justice / Laguna PD sting operationMore details are out about the recent Perverted Justice / Laguna PD sting operation targeting sexual predators.

The perverts arrived with condoms, porn, alcohol and drugs. They thought they were meeting a 13 year old for sex.

Officials said they could have arrested more but they were running out of personnel.

One of the perverts busted was Stephen Robert Deck, a Lieutenant with the California Highway Patrol. Well he no longer works there, not after this. Reports are the CHP wasted no time telling this screwhead "Your Fired!".

Captain Danelle Adams of the Laguna Beach Police Department said "we could have gone all night, we could have gone all weekend, these people just keep preying on our kids".

Click here to watch the video.

Let’s Fight This Terrible Crime Against Our Children

By Andrew Vachss - Parade Magazine
Published: February 19, 2006

PARADE Contributing Editor Andrew Vachss has made the protection of our most vulnerable citizens his life’s work. He is an attorney whose practice, for nearly four decades, has been devoted exclusively to the representation of children, many of them victims of sexual abuse. This experience has made him an outspoken advocate for the dignity and rights of children, a theme he also has pursued through his best-selling novels. This week, we ask readers to join Vachss’ call-to-arms against a despicable crime that is growing at an alarming pace.

Statistics show that child pornography is the fastest-growing of all Internet businesses, estimated to bring in several billion dollars a year. But while such information may enrage or frighten us, it changes nothing. Our knowledge of cold statistics will not alter the conduct of those who take pleasure or profit in the exploitation of children. Instead, if we are to wage war, we must know our enemy. We need to know more about those who create this unspeakable “product,” why they do it and the various ways it is used.

The term “pornography” may give rise to discussions about what constitutes art. It may invoke issues of free speech or censorship. But no matter how you feel about pornography in general, child pornography does not belong in that debate. No child is capable, emotionally or legally, of consenting to being photographed for sexual purposes. Thus, every image of a sexually displayed child—be it a photograph, a tape or a DVD—records both the rape of the child and an act against humanity.

Child pornography has become a business so profitable that it is no longer limited to pedophiles. Demand exceeds supply and always will. (Some pedophiles, if they had the resources, would acquire a copy of every single piece of child pornography ever produced.) The risk/gain ratio is extremely favorable. And the return on investment is extraordinary. What crime syndicate would pass up such an opportunity?

Click here to read the complete article.

Bill O'Reilly speaks about Jessica's Law with Willie Brown

Bill O'Reilly spoke with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown about Jessica's Law on his show last night. I would have posted last night but I just got a chance to watch it on my trusty DVR.

O'Reilly said that Mark Leno prevented Jessica's Law from getting through in a "tough way" and now the people of California have signed a petition to get in on the ballot. What he meant by "tough way" is that Leno killed Jessica's Law but then offered up his own watered down version AB 50.

O'Reilly asked Willie Brown what he thought about this.

Willie Brown said "if there is a way in which to inject some form of reasonable controls when not intruding upon non-participants and persons who have not offended."

Allow me, your fearless blogger, to translate that for you. What Willie Brown really said was "we don't want to break up families."

Over 20 years ago, in 1981, the California Legislature passed a law that gave only probation for people that molest children in their own families. In their warped minds, it was not fair to the child to send the person molesting them to prison. Can you believe that? The child is forced to keep living with the person molesting them!

That's one of the reasons they are against the 2,000 foot barrier in Jessica's Law. If a family has a registered sex offender in it and they want to live together, they all have to move. Here's a thought for these families. Stay put and send the molester packing!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fallout continues after Parole exposed in 'Sex Offender Shuffle'

Maria FrancoDavid Goldstein's 'Sex Offender Shuffle' story is really shaking things up.

Tonight state legislators, including Todd Spitzer, met in Norwalk and began their investigation into who is to blame for registered sex offenders being moved around and hidden by parole agents to avoid being listed on Megan's Law.

Maria Franco, chief deputy parole administrator of the L.A. office, claims she was told by L.A. regional administrato Mark Epstein to move the sex offenders every 4 days. Epstein denies it but has since resigned his position.

Subpoenas may be issued in the next couple of weeks for Rod Hickman, Secretary of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and other high ranking members of Corrections.

Now get this. On Monday Goldstein found some of the very same sex offenders living in a motel in El Monte, again violating state law by being to close to an elementary school.

Click here to watch the video

Perverted Justice / Laguna Beach PD busts 13 men in sting operation

Laguna Beach PD contacted Perverted Justice in January after they saw the Riverside sting operation.

They worked this sting for just one day, February 18th. This was right after the Riverside sting operaton aired on Dateline NBC.

In 11 hours they busted 13 perverts who thought they were going to have sex with a child.

The good folks at Perverted Justice keep setting records. Unfortunately they are all here in California.

13 men in one night is the fourth time in a little over a month where we have set a new national standard for the amount of predators arrested in one night in one county. Before Riverside, the record was five... a record we have more than doubled each night in the four nights we have worked large-scale stings with law enforcement in California. - Perverted Justice

Contrary to Chairman of the Assembly Public Safety Committee Mark Leno's claims, these men were not all down on their luck unemployed stiffs who just need a chance to succeed in society. They included a pharmaceutical technician, a bartender, a Starbucks manager, a student, even a Lieutenant with the California Highway Patrol.

Here is the press release from the Orange County DA's office:


*One defendant was a California Highway Patrol lieutenant

NEWPORT BEACH – Thirteen men, ages ranging from 19 to 51, were charged after an internet sexual predator operation was conducted in cooperation with the Laguna Beach Police Department, Orange County Probation and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. A citizen group called Perverted-justice.com helped gather the internet chats from the accused sexual predators. All of these men were charged with attempted lewd acts upon a child under the age of fourteen. In addition, one was charged with possession of methamphetamine and a pipe. Another was charged with sending an explicit image over the internet. The child molest charge carries a maximum penalty of four years in state prison.

The facts on each of these cases are similar in nature. All of them engaged in internet chats with fictitious 12 or 13-year-old girls. Some of these chats stretched for hours and hours and multiple days. The chats detailed explicit, graphic sex talks including oral sex, masturbation and intercourse. One man sent pornographic pictures. Others exchanged regular photographs. One brought a pornographic DVD. Many of them worried about being detected by law enforcement and parents. Many of them brought sexual paraphernalia, cameras, food, flower and alcohol. One of the men left his own 13-year-old daughter to have sex with a fictitious 13-year-old girl. These men came from all over Southern California and held many jobs, including a law enforcement officer.

“What is scary about these types of suspects is the fact that they are not the suspicious looking guy behind the bushes. They are not even the creepy man or neighbor looking luridly at your children. What is scary about them is that they bypass most forms of parental vigilance. They come into homes behind locked doors, behind alarm systems, around the watchful eyes of parents who believe their children are safe in their room studying and working on the computer,” stated District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. “These predators are taking advantage of children’s innocence, boredom, loneliness, insecurities and thirst for acceptance and love.”

“Think about the scope of these types of crimes. What we have in this case is one city, on one night. These types of crimes are happening on any given day at any given place, all over the country, and all over the world.”

“We are at war with child predators who want to take our children hostage to satisfy their sick perversion. This is a war we must win.”

“We need to shine the bright light on these individuals and their activities. I urge the media to publish every one of these names and pictures.”

("*" indicates that the person is in custody and will be arraigned this afternoon.)

  • Robert Carlos Alarcia, 29, Los Angeles, pharmaceutical tech
  • *Deep Arora, 19, Placentia, Unemployed
  • Shih-Hung Chuang, 31, Hacienda Heights, importer
  • Stephen Robert Deck, 51, Carlsbad, Lieutenant of California Highway Patrol,
  • *Nery Roberto Folgar, 29, Alta Dena, salesperson
  • *Ryan Arnell Mount, 29, North Hollywood, unemployed
  • Benjamin Paul McAlister, 21, Loomis, student
  • *David Phuong Pham, 30, Los Angeles, unemployed
  • *Jonathan Augustine Reese, 40, Westchester, supervisor at Starbucks
  • Norindra Say, 33, Tustin, engineer
  • Benjamin Alan Taul, 27, Placentia, Fox Sports Grill bartender
  • *Jimmy Miguel Varela, 32, Norwalk, unemployed
  • John Inkyoo Yi, 43, Anaheim, Laborer

Six are in custody and will be in court today at 1:30 p.m. at Harbor Justice Center, Newport Beach California. The other seven will be in court on March 29, 2006.


Another great job by law enforcement and the good folks over at Perverted Justice!

Former LA priest guilty of one count of child molestation

By LINDA DEUTSCH - The Associated Press

Retired Roman Catholic priest and admitted molester Michael Wempe was found guilty Wednesday of one count of child molestation after an emotionally wrenching trial that saw grown men testifying about their childhood abuse.

Only one victim was named in the current case and jurors were unable to reach verdicts on four counts, so a mistrial was declared on those.

Wempe, 66, who was immediately taken into custody, agreed to waive sentencing until the district attorney can decide whether to seek a retrial on the undecided counts.

He faces a sentence of 16 months to three years on the single count. He has already served a year in prison, so that time would be deducted. One of his attorneys said he was diabetic and had a heart condition, so likely would serve his time in a medical unit.

Wempe's lawyers acknowledged that the priest molested 13 boys in the 1970s and 1980s, but said he went into church-ordered treatment and returned a changed man. Attorneys maintained he never molested anyone after that.

Wempe was spared trial on charges from the '70s and '80s when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the statute of limitations on the crimes, but he did spend a year in jail before that ruling was issued.

Click here to read the complete article

Felony Charges Filed Against Girl's Uncle

A half-dozen felony charges were filed Wednesday against a man accused of beating and trying to sexually assault his 12-year-old niece, sheriff's officials said.

Each of the charges against Marcus Fennell Pierce carry various enhancements, according to Capt. Margaret A. Wagner of the sheriff's Special Victims Bureau.

Pierce faces one count each of committing a forcible lewd act upon a child; assault with intent to commit a felony; attempted forcible rape' criminal threats; assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury; and failure to register as a sex offender.

The child's mother, Ingra Yarber, said she had been led to believe her brother had been behind bars for drunken driving and hit-and-run, when actually he was in prison for oral copulation on a 14-year-old.

"I had no idea. There's no way, if I had known, I would have let him come and stay with us," Yarber told ABC7 last week. "I love my brother, but I think he's very sick. He needs help."

Click here to read the complete article.

Another Teacher Arrested In Internet Sting

By Erik Rosales

A popular high school math teacher is under arrest for attempting to lure a 12-year-old girl over the internet -- only the girl turned out to be a cop. Campbell officers say Luke Lajoie set up a meeting and showed up with high hopes.

This is the third person arrested by Campbell police in the last month, all from detectives posing as underage girls in chat rooms. But because the man is a teacher at Westmont High School and is around teenage girls all day, they are afraid there could be actual victims.

Thirty-five-year-old Luke Lajoie of San Jose, a part-time mathematics instructor at Westmont High School, is in jail.

Captain Russ Patterson, Campbell police department: "One of our detectives posing as a 12-year-old girl had been having conversations over the internet for quite some time. ... They decided to meet at a location, and the individual did come to the location, looking for the female."

Click here to read the complete story


50,000 what you ask?

50,000 is the times this blog has been viewed in the past 9 months.

Anyone remember the public official who said way back then "no one is going to read that"?

Guess we proved him wrong.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fantastic news: Over 700,000 signatures submitted to get Jessica's Law on the ballot!

Supporters of the Jessica’s Law Initiative today submitted 713,787 signatures to county elections officials throughout the state, virtually assuring its qualification for the November ballot.

The campaign needed to collect 373,816 valid signatures to qualify the measure, which is a statutory initiative.

"This is a historic step in our efforts to protect Californians and especially our children and grandchildren, from sexual predators," said Senator George Runner, co-sponsor of the Jessica’s Law Initiative.

"We want to thank the 713,787 citizens who signed the petition to put this vitally important measure on the ballot," said Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, another Jessica’s Law co-sponsor.

Riverside County collected about 35,000 signatures. Assemblyman Russ Bogh, Assemblyman John Benoit, Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, Corona Councilman Jeff Miller, Hemet Mayor Robin Reese Lowe, San Jacinto Councilman and canidate for the assembly Jim Ayres, Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley, Jonathan Sassani, field rep for Assemblyman John Benoit and Phil Breitenbucher of the Riverside County Young Republicans were all in attendance today as the signatures were dropped off.

Assemblyman Russ Bogh said they would try to get Jessica's Law back before the assembly for a vote. We will have to watch how Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and Chairman of the Assembly Public Safety Committee Mark Leno react after all all of their recent talk of getting tough on sex offenders.

The video below is about 20 minutes long. It's the next best thing to being there.

From left to right, "Molly", the reason she does this, Julie from Norco, Assemblyman Russ Bogh, Corona Councilman Jeff Miller, Hemet Mayor Robin Reese Lowe, Assemblyman John Benoit, Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, San Jacinto Councilman and canidate for the assembly Jim Ayres, Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley

Those boxes are bad news for sexual predators and politicians such as Mark Leno

The media and your fearless blogger

"Molly", her little helper, Assemblyman John Benoit and Julie from Norco

Massive sex offender clown house forced to comply

Massive Sex Offender Clown House - click to enlargeBack on June 10th, 2005, I wrote about a massive sex offender clown house we discovered. At that time it had 24 registered sex offenders living there.

A check just a couple months ago showed 19 registered sex offenders living there.

My most recent check just a few days ago shows just 6 sex offenders living in the clown house. I think we can all agree 6 is much better than 24.

I spoke with Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley this morning. He and his staff worked with code enforcement and finally got this sex offender clown house into compliance.

This was a job well done by Supervisor Ashley, his staff and the good folks in code enforcement.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Opinion: Predator therapy

from the Press Enterprise

10:08 PM PST on Monday, February 20, 2006

Convicted sexual predators should be confined and required to get treatment for their destructive impulses. But until now the Democrats who run the Legislature have been reluctant to embrace that view. It is heartening to see the message get through.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez last Tuesday said California needs to overhaul the way it handles sex offenders. Nuñez proposed that the state oblige sexual predators to undergo therapy before the predators can leave state custody.

Under existing law, California sends sexually violent predators to a state hospital after the felons complete their prison sentences. While hospitalized, the sex offenders are supposed to undergo a four-part treatment program. But in the 10 years since that law took effect, only four of 538 men have actually completed the program. The reason? It is too easy for sexual predators to appeal to a judge for release and avoid treatment altogether.

Truth is, the state judicial system is unsympathetic to confining criminals after they have served their prison sentences, no matter how dangerous these felons may be or what the Legislature says.

But returning untreated sex offenders to California neighborhoods is a dangerous, unpopular practice. And so Nuñez's statement coincided with news that sponsors of the Jessica's Law initiative had collected more than enough signatures to qualify the measure for the November ballot. Jessica's Law would, among other things, mandate treatment for offenders while the offenders are incarcerated.

Nuñez's shift is a welcome sign from one of the state's top-ranking Democrats that protecting children from sexual predators is a truly nonpartisan issue. Perhaps now the speaker will let some of the Republican-backed bills to toughen California's sex-crime laws actually reach the Assembly floor.

Why do parole and correction officials continue to deceive the public?

It looks like the public officials in Corrections and Parole went into damage control mode when they learned David Goldstein was going to, yet again, expose them placing sex offenders where they are not supposed to.

There are two interesting and quite contrasting messages being sent by these screwheads, one for the public and the other one, the one you are not supposed to see.

First, let's take a look at the 'official' press release regarding David Goldstein's 'Sex Offender Shuffle' story.


February 14, 2006
Contact: J.P. Tremblay
For Immediate Release
(916) 323-6001

Parole Officials Ensure Proper Implementation Of New Law to House Sex Offenders

Sacramento – The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Division of Adult Parole Operations in an effort to ensure public safety and compliance with a new state law has completed a review of the placement of High Risk Sex Offenders in its four parole regions throughout the state and will continue to aggressively monitor the placement of these offenders to ensure proper placement in California communities.

“When it comes to the safety and security of people of California we can not compromise or take shortcuts with the law and we must remain vigilant,” said Roderick Q. Hickman, secretary of CDCR. “The people of this state expect that we will supervise the parolees released from our prisons especially those who have a history of sexual offenses against children.”

The Department and its parole regions will work with local law enforcement and communities to ensure compliance with the provisions of this new law that went into effect on January 1, 2006. AB 113 prohibits the placement of any parolee convicted of child molestation (Penal Code Sec. 288 and 288.5) and designated by the department as a High Risk Sex Offender, within a half a mile of any school grade K-12.

The Secretary ordered the four parole regions in the state to review the placement of the more than 2,000 High Risk Sex Offenders to ensure that they are properly placed in accordance with AB 113.

“The identification and utilization of permanent and appropriate placement options will continue to be a top priority for us,” said Hickman. “Public safety is the primary concern. No parolee should ever be placed back into the community without public safety being the first priority.”

The department is continually working in partnership with local law enforcement and community agencies to find appropriate housing placements for high-risk sex offenders who by law are released from prison and returned to the county of commitment or the county of last legal residence.


Well isn't that special. They talk time and time again how the public safety is so important to them.

Sounds good, until you find out that they are far less concerned about public safety than they are about this story getting out.

Here in an 'internal' memo regarding David Goldstein's 'Sex Offender Shuffle' story.


From: Tremblay, JP
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2006 8:40 AM
To: ####
Cc: ####
Subject: Media Response to HRSO story on KCBS
Importantce: High


I'll be bring over the memos and emails to you in about 15 minutes along with a draft press release. Here is how the communication office responded to this issue and what our strategy was for dealing with this issue. Our primary objective in this strategy is to keep this a localized as possible.

The Communications Office was first contact late Friday afternoon by Regional Administrator (A) Mark Epstein to let us know that a reporter from KCBS TV in Los Angeles had contacted him about the placement of High Risk Sex Offenders. The decision was made to try to keep this issue a local story in the Los Angeles Area.

On Saturday the Secretary was contacted by a parole agent to let him know a reporter was digging into the issue and there was a problem with the placement of some High Risk Sex Offenders in the Los Angeles area. The Secretary contacted the leadership of the department and directed them to look into the situation and report back to him Monday morning.

On Monday in consultation with the regional office and realizing that only the one reporter had the information the decision was made to try to keep this story a local story and not let it spread to a statewide issue. The department had been proactive in responding to the issue and there was never any direction from Sacramento to move the parolees every four days. It became apparent that there was an issue in the local region with a local administrator who appeared to have misinterpreted the law. The reporter was given all of this information and a copy of the clarification memo that went out Tuesday.

We have prepared a draft press release saying that the department identified this problem and is fixing it in Region III and as a precaution has directed all other regions to review their HRSO case load to make sure that they are following the provisions of AB113 and the registration law. I have a concern with putting out a press release on this issue it will then elevate it to a statewide issue and lead other reporters in other regions to dig into the pleacement of these offenders in their community. If we can keep this a local story, it become a story of a local administrator misinterpreting the law and the department correcting the issue.

This reporter David Goldstein is someone who is always looking for a headline especially during sweeps week and no matter how we present it to him he will use his video footage of parolees being moved by parole agents. However, if we have someone talk to him and make a clear statement that this is a local issue that has been corrected. We will very likely keep this a local story. The biggest variable is whether or not we can keep it from being elevated to the legislators such as Todd Spitzer. If he can be briefed on the issue and have it explained clearly to him that this is a local issue involving only 10-11 parolee out of the 2,000 HRSOs we supervise and that it was a result of a misunderstanding in the region, not the entire department, he could be taken out of the story and possibley even support our efforts to manage this population. However, if we elevate this with a press release it becomes an even bigger story and he or other legislators will be drawn into it.

J.P. Tremblay
Assistant Secretary
(916) 323-6001
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Well there you have it. They don't sound so concerned about public safety, do they. They are more concerned about covering their collective asses and trying to keep the story from spreading.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if they put the same effort into correcting the problem that they did in trying to avoid it, Californians would not be in the huge sex offender mess we find ourselves in.

Why do firefighters support Mark Leno?

Why would a group of courageous men and woman, who risk their lives to save others, support a politician who repeatedly kills bills meant to protect children from sexual predators?

Below is a list of contributions since 2004 from firefighters
that help keep Mark Leno in office.

Source: Cal-Access

LENO 2004, ID#1251065 6/30/2004 MONETARY $1,972.36
LENO FOR ASSEMBLY 2006, MARK, ID#1272405 2/28/2005 NON-MONETARY $1,572.31
LENO FOR ASSEMBLY 2006, MARK, ID#1272405 10/12/2005 MONETARY $500.00
LENO FOR ASSEMBLY 2006, MARK, ID#1272405 6/30/2005 MONETARY $500.00

Total Monetary $2,972.36

Total Loan $0.00

Total Non-monetary $1,572.31

Grand Total $4,544.67

LENO 2004, ID#1251065 2/3/2004 MONETARY $1,000.00

Total Monetary $1,000.00

Total Loan $0.00

Total Non-monetary $0.00

Grand Total $1,000.00

LENO 2004, ID#1251065 10/8/2004 MONETARY $1,000.00

Total Monetary $1,000.00

Total Loan $0.00

Total Non-monetary $0.00

Grand Total $1,000.00

LENO 2004, ID#1251065 7/16/2004 MONETARY $250.00

Total Monetary $250.00

Total Loan $0.00

Total Non-monetary $0.00

Grand Total $250.00

LENO 2004, ID#1251065 1/2/2004 MONETARY $250.00

Total Monetary $250.00

Total Loan $0.00

Total Non-monetary $0.00

Grand Total $250.00

LENO 2004, ID#1251065 8/25/2004 MONETARY $1,000.00

Total Monetary $1,000.00

Total Loan $0.00

Total Non-monetary $0.00

Grand Total $1,000.00

LENO FOR ASSEMBLY 2006, MARK, ID#1272405 10/21/2005 MONETARY $1,550.00
LENO FOR ASSEMBLY 2006, MARK, ID#1272405 10/6/2005 MONETARY $1,500.00
LENO 2004, ID#1251065 6/25/2004 MONETARY $500.00
LENO FOR ASSEMBLY 2006, MARK, ID#1272405 10/21/2005 MONETARY $450.00
LENO 2004, ID#1251065 1/14/2004 MONETARY $250.00
LENO FOR ASSEMBLY 2006, MARK, ID#1272405 4/28/2005 MONETARY $250.00

Total Monetary $4,500.00

Total Loan $0.00

Total Non-monetary $0.00

Grand Total $4,500.00

LENO 2004, ID#1251065 1/24/2004 MONETARY $250.00

Total Monetary $250.00

Total Loan $0.00

Total Non-monetary $0.00

Grand Total $250.00

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Bid to Toughen Stance on Sex Offenses

By Jordan Rau, Times Staff Writer

SACRAMENTO — A proposal to severely restrict and monitor the movement of released sex offenders has led to a bitter deadlock in the Legislature and appears headed for the California ballot this fall.

The initiative would bar convicted offenders from living in many neighborhoods in California — including most urban areas — and require them to wear electronic tracking devices for life.

Supporters plan to submit more than 600,000 signatures to elections officials Tuesday for verification, well more than the 373,816 needed. All sides expect the initiative to qualify for the November ballot, giving California voters their first chance to weigh in on how to handle sex offenders.

If approved, the Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act, also known as Jessica's Law, would increase prison terms for many crimes, including possession of child pornography and Internet luring, and ensure that child rapists spend at least 25 years behind bars.

"It's the broadest change of sexual predatory laws in the nation," said Sen. George Runner (R-Lancaster), who sponsored the initiative with his wife Sharon, a Republican assemblywoman.

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A few things to consider when you read this article.

First, it is the LA Times, we all know which way they lean.

Second, consider the source of those opposed to Jessica's Law.

For example "It costs an awful lot of money and it's going to have virtually no effect," said Ron Kokish, spokesman for the California Coalition on Sexual Offending, a group of treatment providers, public defenders and probation officers.

They also say Iowa's District Attorneys Association does not like Jessica's Law. But what the article conveniently fails to mention is that not only does the California District Attorneys Association fully support Jessica's Law, they have sponsored several bills that have been killed in the Public Safety Committee.

Sex offense laws in state are a crime

By Jill Stewart, Guest Columnist

FOR years, California politicians have touted crackdowns on sex criminals to promote themselves as tough on crime. But recently, in a riveting investigative series, The Sacramento Bee confirmed what many had feared: California has among the most lenient laws in the nation toward sexually violent predators, society's life-wreckers.

Gaping loopholes in California law let hard-core sex criminals committed to Atascadero State Hospital choose whether they want treatment. Almost none choose treatment, and after a breezy two-year stint, they are released from Atascadero - usually unmonitored, by lax courts.

As the Bee noted, the loophole is "precisely how 54 rapists and child molesters won release through the end of 2005 from their Atascadero commitments."

Chronic molesters are wily. They spend as much time wooing parents into feeling safe as they do plotting to abuse their children. They fool juries. Fighting back, many states have made incarceration for sex crimes much tougher to get around.

Yet the Sacramento Legislature actually protects loopholes for sex criminals. The spectacle of it in recent years has become unnerving.

Last year, KCRA-TV (Channel 3) in Sacramento reported that one loophole, called the "opt-out" clause, granted 2,677 sex offenders "an exclusion" from being named on the attorney general's Web site. Legislators created the loophole, insisting that offenders found guilty of misdemeanors aren't that dangerous. The truth is, nobody knows how many of them are wily chronic offenders who sneak under the radar.

Last year, Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, essentially argued that misdemeanor sex criminals just need jobs. As quoted by KCRA, Leno said, "If you deny them secure housing and deny them an opportunity to get on their feet and get a job and to be able to move forward for themselves and for their own children, they're more likely to reoffend, not less likely."

Good Lord. Sex crimes are not caused by economic troubles.

Click here to read the complete article.


Good old Mark Leno and his warped way of thinking wants us to believe that sex offenders are only sex offenders because they are poor?

What's next Mark, a proposal from you that we pay sex offenders to not prey on children?


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