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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bogh bill protects victims of sex crimes

Bill Sponsored by Riverside County District Attorney Passes Assembly

Sacramento - Assembly Bill 1996 by Assembly Republican Caucus Chair Russ Bogh (R-Beaumont) was passed by the State Assembly today on a bi-partisan basis. AB 1996 is a follow-up to Bogh's AB 2829, a rape shield bill which was signed into law in 2004.

Assembly Bill 1996 will expand current protections against using the previous sexual conduct of a victim of sexual assault or abuse to discredit their testimony by making it public even when such information is not admissible as evidence in court. This bill will extend much needed privacy protection to prior abuse victims who come forward to testify in subsequent crimes.

"Too often I've seen attempts to put victims and witnesses on trial in a devious effort to somehow justify the actions of their attackers," commented Rod Pacheco, Riverside County Chief Deputy District Attorney. "This bill will ensure that such dishonest attempts never see the light of day."

Assembly Bill 1996 will ensure that when the sexual history of current or previous victims testifying in court is offered as evidence it be filed with the court under seal, and not made public, unless and until the court determines that such evidence is admissible in court. Current law protects the victim of the current offense, but does not apply to previous victims of the defendant who testify in the current court case.

"Victims of sex crimes are often victimized again when unscrupulous defense attorneys seek to intimidate and publicly humiliate victims and witnesses," said Bogh. "AB 1996 is an important step that must be taken to protect the privacy of victims from these unwarranted attacks."

Assemblyman Bogh represents the 65th Assembly District, which includes portions of Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ontario halfway house shut down

Score one for the good guys.

Remember Arthur Dean? He had a sex offender clown house for child molester right in the middle of a quiet street in Ontario, a street with many children. David Goldstein did a story on him last November. Click here to read it and watch the video.

Well reports are it is closed. Parole took all the parolees and shuffled them somewhere else.

"I'm fed up with it," Dean said. "It's not worth my time and effort to be stepped on."

Maybe Dean can try to earn a living without putting children at risk.

Click here to read the latest article.

Chula Vista Gets Tougher On Convicted Sex Offenders

Violaters Face Fine, Jail Time

Sex offenders convicted of crimes against children will be prohibited from living within 500 feet of schools and parks in Chula Vista under an ordinance unanimously approved by the City Council.

Violators of the law, approved late Tuesday night, will be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and/or six months in jail, according to Liz Pursell, director of communications for the city of Chula Vista.

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Violent Sex Offender On The Loose

SAN DIEGO -- A violent criminal is on the loose in San Diego, according to police.

The Department of Justice said that Dartanian Hill has a history of violent crimes, including sexual assaults on children under 14. According to investigators, Hill is supposed to register every 30 days but has failed to do so since September.

Hill is known to spend time in North County. Anyone with information about Hill's whereabouts is being urged to call police.


South Carolina Senate approves death penalty for child molesters

The South Carolina Senate has given preliminary approval to a bill that authorizes the death penalty for twice-convicted child molesters.
The proposal approved yesterday still needs a final reading before going on to the House.

It would authorize prosecutors to seek capital punishment for any sex offender convicted twice of raping children younger than eleven.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Candidate pushes for 'predator free' zones

Banning Councilwoman Brenda Salas pushed Tuesday for "predator-free" zones of more than a third of a mile around parks, bus stops and schools.

Salas, a Republican seeking California's 65th District Assembly seat, lobbied at the City Council meeting to get Banning prepared for Jessica's Law -- a November ballot measure aimed at keeping registered sex offenders away from children.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Note: If you are looking for the Pervert Patrol video

It was posted Saturday, March 18th.

You can click here to go directly to it:

Exclusive Video: We confront Perverts on the Streets of Riverside

This is the popular and controversial video of us confronting some of the perverts busted in the Dateline NBC / Perverted Justice / Riverside County Sheriff's Department sting operation.

Perverted Justice and Dateline NBC team up for another sting operation

This time in Darke County, Ohio. The sting occured March 25, 26 and 27.

Sheriff Deputies arrested 17 men as they left the sting house, including another teacher.

James M. Rutherford of Mainville, Ohio, was a 6th grade teacher at the St. Margaret of York School in Deerfield Township. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati says he has been suspended.

Here is a list of all 17 men arrested:

  • Nicholas L. Bailey – Grove City, Ohio
  • Kenneth J. Brinkman – Kettering, Ohio
  • Roger W. Burmmitt – Defiance, Ohio
  • Mahadevaswamy A. Chandrashekaraiah – Lexington, Kentucky
  • Nathan E. Downhour – Montpelier, Indiana
  • John W. Frantz – West Milton, Ohio
  • Timothy E. Isaac – Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • Robb E. Kline – Toledo, Ohio
  • Davut Ozkan – Euclid, Ohio
  • Jay W. Reffner – Findlay, Ohio
  • James M. Rutherford – Mainville, Ohio
  • Jason F. Schoeppner – Columbus, Ohio
  • Jeffrey D. Stacy – Lebanon, Ohio
  • Ronnell D. Stephens – Ft. Wayne, Indiana
  • Joshua L. Tuttle – Franklin, Ohio
  • Alonzo H. Wade – Greenfield, Ohio
  • Kevin T. Westerbeck – New Lebanon, Ohio
No word as of now as to when this will be on Dateline.


Perverted Justice has some additional information about these perverts.

Click here to read it.

License of Osteopathic Pediatrician Suspended

State Board action stems from nationally-televised online teen sex-chat sting

SAN DIEGO – The Osteopathic Medical Board of California today obtained an Interim Suspension Order (ISO) against osteopathic pediatrician Jeffrey R. Beck for alleged unprofessional conducted related to a news media "sting" in which he thought he was engaging in sexually explicit online chats with a teenaged boy, and even arranged to meet the individual he thought was a teenager.

The ISO was approved by a judge in the Office of Administrative Hearings and bars Beck, of Ramona, Calif., from practicing while the Board moves forward with a formal accusation of misconduct that could result in permanent revocation of Beck's license.

Beck was featured in an MSNBC Dateline segment last year in which he agreed to meet a supposed 14-year-old boy, "Luke," with whom he had corresponded in online chat rooms. "Luke" was actually a trained volunteer working for child-protection organization "Perverted Justice." When Beck, then of Maryland, showed up at what he thought was "Luke's" house in suburban Washington, D.C., last August, he was instead confronted by television cameras and a reporter.

The Board stated in its Accusation that the evidence establishes that the doctor's "conduct is of such a nature that it has the capacity to cause substantial harm and injury to his patients." The Accusation states Beck "is all the more dangerous because he practices pediatric medicine" and "is in contact with the very patient population he previously tried to solicit for sex. Nothing could be more dangerous."

Beck, who moved from Maryland to California after the media exposure, was first licensed by the California Osteopathic Medical Board in 1979, but his license had been inactive for some time prior to December 28, 2005, when his request to reactivate the license was approved. Maryland authorities could not prosecute Beck criminally because that state's laws require a police officer to take part in such online chat room sting investigations. Calls from Maryland authorities alerted the California Board to the alleged unprofessional conduct and the Board launched an investigation on January 6.

Seniors turn in wanted offender

Questions raised at church in Baja

By Anna Cearley

March 27, 2006

ROSARITO BEACH – Some of the retired U.S. citizens who live here thought there was something a little odd about the stranger who started showing up at their English-language church services about a year ago.

He occasionally led a Bible-study prayer session, but Richard Alan Rearley, 45, didn't really explain why he was living and working among the seniors. Some retirees were so concerned that they started looking into Rearley's past and discovered he was a convicted sex offender in the United States with an outstanding arrest warrant.

A cross-border investigation based on the retirees' tip to U.S. authorities led to Rearley's arrest March 5 as he left a Rosarito Beach church with a Bible in his hand. Rearley, a longtime East County resident who went by the last name Alan in Mexico, was turned over to U.S. authorities. He's in custody on two counts of failure to register as a sex offender.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hottie Pedophiles Deserve Prison Time, Too

Diana Sevanian Weekly Columnist

“I’m a strong Christian woman and I believe God has a path for me, and this was just a bump in the road.”

— Former school teacher Debra Lafave, speaking of her multiple sexual encounters with a male eighth-grader and her subsequent legal entanglements

OK, so maybe it was the in-the-flesh realization of almost every young guy’s steamiest dream. But schoolteacher-blonde bombshell Debra Lafave’s sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student was illegal, amoral and it deserves realistic punishment — not the hall pass she received this week when Florida state prosecutors dropped the charges she’d pleaded guilty to.

Those accusations? Having sex with the boy in the back of her sport utility vehicle, while his cousin served as chauffeur.

Oh, I know. The 25-year-old better-than-Heather-Locklear-in-her-best-years look-alike didn’t completely get off scot-free. She still has three years of house arrest to finish and seven years of probation for having sex with him in her classroom and home — the same abode she was sharing at the time with her then-husband of only 11 months.

Between her recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder — used effectively by the defense to “explain” Lafave’s hypersexual state — as well as the boy’s family not letting him testify so as to spare him more anxiety and stress, the case fizzled.

(Why couldn’t he have given taped testimony? Why couldn’t his cousin have been used as a witness? Surely, there was plenty of corroborating evidence.)

So much for the 15 years in prison and $10,000 fine she might have received. I guess those punishments are reserved for the real pedophiles in our society — menfolk and ugly women.

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