David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Former cellmate talks of time with Dokich

The following is an former inmates account of what Dokich was doing to him in prison. This former inmate has contacted me, your fearless blogger, and I have changed his name to John Doe.

Keep in mind these are hard copy documents and I have to run them through a program to convert them to text. It's not a perfect process and there may be typos I do not catch.

Warning, there is some graphic content.
There was a telephone interview by Senior Investigator Todd Loveless, Riverside County District Attorney Bureau of Investigation, dated 03-11-05. The subject was John Doe, who had been a cellmate of Mr. Dokich. The following is a synopsis of that interview; spelling and punctuation have been regularized:

John Doe was a cellmate of David Dokich during a period of time when both were incarcerated at Soledad State Prison, California. John Doe was incarcerated at Soledad from October 1995 to July 1996. John Doe was housed at Whitney Hall at Soledad when an inmate (unknown by name to John Doe) approached John Doe and asked him if he wanted to be Dokich's cellmate. Even though John Doe had never met Dokich, John Doe agreed to become Dokich's cellmate. Looking back, John Doe believes Dokich had been watching him for a period of time, considering him as a potential cellmate, knowing that Dokich's current cellmate was soon to be released.

After John Doe moved in with Dokich, "everything was good for about a couple of days or so." John Doe described Dokich as "quiet and liked to draw." Initially, Dokich even cooked for John Doe and drew pictures for him. Soon Dokich's behavior changed toward John Doe. Dokich began pressuring John Doe into engaging in sex acts with him. In retrospect, John Doe felt Dokich expected to receive sexual favors from him in return for Dokich's acts of kindness.

John Doe went on to explain that typically at night, after lights were out, Dokich tried to fondle John Doe's genitals and wanted John Doe to fondle him. John Doe stated that he (John Doe) tried to "divert it (Dokich's advances) as much as possible". John Doe stated that the sex acts escalated "very fast" eventually occurring daily and sometimes twice a day. John Doe described Dokich as being "determined to get what he wanted." On one occasion, Dokich told John Doe to grab hold of the bars of their cell and keep a lookout for the guards. Dokich then pulled John Doe's pants down and placed his erect penis between John Doe's legs, simulating sodomy upon John Doe. John Doe stated that Dokich feared John Doe was going to "rat on him" for the sex acts and told John Doe, "I'll come looking for you" (upon Dokich'S release from prison) if John Doe told anyone.

About a month later, not knowing what to do about the situation and fearing Dokich eventually would become violent and rape him, John Doe "shot a kite" (hand-written message) to the "main Correctional Officer." In the note John Doe stated Dokich was a "pervert" and demanded, "Get me out of here." As a temporary solution, John Doe was offered solitary confinement. John Doe readily accepted the offer, stating, "The guy (Dokich) had back-up,you know, power. . . he has charisma. . ." John Doe went on to say, "I was just trying to lay low to do my time. . . and didn't want to be caught up in anything." Later the same day that John Doe informed Soledad officials about what was happening to him at the hands of Dokich, an "adverse transfer" was arranged for Dokich, relocating him to another section of the prison.

John Doe went on to say he was "really afraid" of Dokich, because Dokich had been "down for a while and knew a lot of people on our yard" some of whom were associated with the Nazi Lowriders, the Bruisers, Aryan Brotherhood, and "shotcallers . . . from the main white guys." John Doe was concerned Dokich would use his influence to have someone stab John Doe. John Doe stated that Dokich being 10 to 12 years older than he and being very muscular also [contributed] to John Doe's fear of Dokich.

During John Doe's approximate six-week stay in the same cell with Dokich, Dokich was a "control freak" and "violent." John Doe explained that Dokich acted ". . . like he was a husband and his wife came home," easily losing his temper over minor things such as the cell being dirty. John Doe further compared Dokich losing his temper to the way "a mean father does to his child." Overall, John Doe stated Dokich treated him like he was Dokich's "bitch," [and Dokich] tried to control, manipulate, and intimidate him. Typically, Dokich would fondle John Doe while they were watching T.V. at night. Dokich would also take John Doe's hand and put it on Dokich's genitals, wanting John Doe to fondle him. To avoid Dokich, John Doe stayed out in the exercise yard as long as possible. However, there were occasions when Dokich would send another inmate to contact John Doe, telling him that Dokich wanted him back at the cell.

John Doe explained that due to Dokich's "pull" with many of the prison guards, John Doe received extra privileges. In return, Dokich assumed he (Dokich) could take "advantage" of John Doe sexually. John Doe stated that Dokich never assaulted or physically abused him, but Dokich orally copulated him on two or three occasions. Had Dokich not been transferred, John Doe believed Dokich eventually would have manipulated or intimidated John Doe into orally copulating him. John Doe confided to some of his close friends/fellow inmates at Soledad as to what Dokich was doing to him. Some of those subjects offered to assault Dokich on John Doe's behalf. To this day, John Doe fears that Dokich will come looking for him, based upon Dokich's past threats while Dokich and John Doe were cellmates, "because it was so powerful the way the guy was."

This report was known prior to the release of Dokich in 2005 and they still let him out on parole. Yep, this is the type of guy they want to house in a home near you.

David Allyn Dokich declared a psychopath

Ah, the joys of wading through court records. I will attempt to spare boring you to death by posting some of the more interesting highlights.

Below is part of one of the evaluators findings:
The evaluator rated him on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R) . This checklist instrument measures psychopathic personality traits. On the PCL-R, Mr. Dokich received a total score of 34 out of 40.

Two primary factors contribute to the PCL-R.

On factor one, which measures a selfish, remorseless, and exploitative use of others, Mr. Dokich scored at the 100th percentile when compared with other male prison inmates. In other words, he exhibits these traits at a greater level than approximately 100 percent of other prisoners.

On factor two, which measures a chronically unstable and antisocial lifestyle, the traits typically associated with antisocial personality disorder, he scored at the 68th percentile when compared with other male prison inmates.

The overall PCL-R placed Mr. Dokich as being more psychopathic than 96 percent of prison inmates. Individuals with high PCL-R scores are found to have a very poor prognosis and tend to remain aggressive over the course of their life, as opposed to many other individuals who commit violent acts but whose propensity for violence decreases with age.

Keep in mind they are not comparing Dokich to boys scouts and little old ladies, they are comparing him to other prison inmates, the worst society has to offer.

Monday, February 05, 2007

This time around, both shrinks agree, Dokich is a SVP

When an inmate with a history of sex offenses is about to be released from prison, the DA has the option to petition the court and ask that the inmate be committed to Atascadero State Hospital as a sexually violent predator.

One part of this process is to have the inmate evaluated by two psychologists. If they both agree that the inmate meets the criteria as a sexually violent predator then next step is usually a court hearing. However, if they disagree and one thinks the inmate is not a sexually violent predator they are released on parole. Yep, a tight goes to the sex offender.

This is what happened prior to the release of David Allyn Dokich in May of 2005.

However this time things are different for the twice convicted sex offender. Court records show that both shrinks agree Dokich meets the criteria for a sexually violent predator.

The next step is on 2/15/2007 when the court will hear the petition to send Dokich to Atascadero.


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